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Business Telephone Lines

We can provide traditional business phone lines along with a full suite of business service calling features such as voicemail, caller id, etc. Contact us for more information (218) 444-1234.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) primary rate interface, or simply a PRI, is a single line, usually a T‐1, with 23 voice channels (and a single data channel), that allows your business to hold 23 calls simultaneously. This is not always equivalent to the number of phone numbers a business has. Your business may have 100 phone numbers that are directed to come across a single PRI, however, you will only be allowed to hold 23 phone conversations at once.
ISDN PRI allocates your bandwidth automatically for each transmission on a call‐by‐call basis. Outbound trunks won't be idle while inbound trunks are nearing capacity. ISDN PRI can also help eliminate the need for regular business phone lines and dedicated voice or data lines.

SIP Trunking can be a great alternative for powering voice calls to your IP phone system. In short, SIP Trunking is a method of sending your voice connection over a data line, and therefore is commonly referred to as VOIP (voice over internet protocol). SIP Trunking allows you to purchase only the number of call paths that you need, and can be easily scaled up or down.

Our business internet and data services are not limited to our residential service territory. Our fiber network extends across north central and northeastern Minnesota allowing us to provide business services to many towns and cities both inside and outside of our residential service territory.*


Business Service Territory Locations:

Angora Calumet Eveleth Hines Lake George Orr Taconite
Becida Cass Lake Forbes Inger Lake Itasca Park Rapids Tenstrike
Bemidji Chisholm Gheen International Falls Laporte Ponemah Turtle River
Big Falls Cohasset Gilbert Itasca State Park Little Fork Proctor Virginia
Biwabik Coleraine Grand Rapids Jacobson Loman Ray Wilton
Blackduck Cook Hermantown Keewatin Marble Red Lake Wirt
Bovey Deer River Hibbing Kelliher Nashwauk Solway
Buhl Duluth Hill City Kinney Northome Squaw Lake

Angora Gheen Loman
Becida Gilbert Marble
Bemidji Grand Rapids Nashwauk
Big Falls Hermantown Northome
Biwabik Hibbing Orr
Blackduck Hill City Park Rapids
Bovey Hines Ponemah
Buhl Inger Proctor
Calumet International Falls Ray
Cass Lake Itasca State Park Red Lake
Chisholm Jacobson Solway
Cohasset Keewatin Squaw Lake
Coleraine Kelliher Taconite
Cook Kinney Tenstrike
Deer River Lake George Turtle River
Duluth Lake Itasca Virginia
Eveleth Laporte Wilton
Forbes Little Fork Wirt

*Service availability depends upon location. Some restrictions may apply.

Paul Bunyan Long Distance

Paul Bunyan Long Distance

Get the best long distance rates by bundling with GigaZone Internet Service!

Enjoy rates as low as 4.9¢ per minute.

Get the GigaZone

PBLD Monthly Plans

We offer a variety of options to our business members, including our PBLD plans that provide 750, 1000, 2000 or 3000 minutes at a discounted rate.

If your business doesn’t need a high volume plan, we have a great pay as you go option!

Monthly UsageDiscountRate
Up to $24.99none14¢
$25.00 to $49.9914.3%12¢
$50.00 to $99.9921.4%11¢
$100.00 to $249.0028.6%10¢
$250.00 and over35.7%   
  • One bill convenience on local, long distance and Internet service
  • Call anywhere in the US and Canada for one rate
  • After a 30 second minimum, calls are billed in 6 second units, instead of by the whole minute
  • No installation charges
  • Local billing and service by Paul Bunyan Communications
  • Cooperative Capital Credits are earned with PBLD Long Distance
  • Low monthly fee of $2.95 per month*

800 Service
Let your customers call you toll free with an 800 number

Two Great Options To Choose From

Low Volume Plan

If you have only a modest amount of toll free calls, or a new toll free number, this plan is right for you

  • For customers spending under $15 a month in 800# charges
  • Installation waived for Paul Bunyan Long Distance customer.*
  • No Monthly Minimum Charge
  • Local billing and service from Paul Bunyan Communications
  • 24¢ Flat Rate per Minute

PBLD 800 Service

If you have a large amount of toll free calls, this is the plan for you.

  • For customers spending over $15 a month in 800# charges
  • Installation waived for Paul Bunyan Long Distance customer.*
  • $10 minimum monthly charge
  • Local billing and service from Paul Bunyan Communications
Monthly UsageDiscountRate
Up to $24.99none14¢
$25.00 to $49.9914.3%12¢
$50.00 to $99.9921.4%11¢
$100.00 to $249.0028.6%10¢
$250.00 and over35.7%   

Toll Fraud


Toll fraud is something every business owner should be aware of. The responsibility for the security of a phone system is up to the business owner and the risks associated with an unsecure phone system could cost them thousands of dollars. Below is a link to a helpful article on toll fraud.

Don’t hide from the threat.

Read the article: The toll of toll fraud and what you can do about it