Paul Bunyan Communications is bringing you one of the largest Gigabit networks in the United States. Capable of download and upload speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. GigaZone is the future of broadband internet. The GigaZone is currently available to over 35,500 locations throughout our current service territory. To see where the GigaZone is today and when it might reach you, check out our online map. It will take a few construction seasons to get GigaZone services everywhere we serve but ultimately the GigaZone will encompass the cooperative’s entire 5,500 square mile service area.


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Great optional services to add to your GigaZone broadband

GZIntegrated Wi-Fi

Free for the first six months!*
+$5 a month



Over 170 channels including HD
+$88 a month
Broadcast channels, music channels, & limited cable networks
+$30 a month
Over 40 additional channels
Over 15 additional sports channels
11 HBO channels
9 Cinemax channels
13 Showtime channels
15 Starz/Encore channels
**Due to NFL Network contract requirements, subscription to both PBTV Extra and PBTV Sports is required to receive NFL RedZone

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The Largest and Fastest All-Fiber Optic Network in Northern Minnesota

Slow as a snail (except for Turbo)


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