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Paul Bunyan Communications now provides computer repair and support services to both members and non-members. Our technicians can help with hardware and software related issues effecting your personal computer.


Getting infections on your personal computer is very easy and can be very frustrating and cause your computer to slow down. Our technicians can remove this malicious software and get your computer back to running the way it should.

If you have internet service with PBC, malicious software cleanup is offered to you for free. For faster turn-around time, we also offer priority service for malicious software cleanup at $65/hour for members and $85/hour for non-members.

Software Upgrades and Updates

Need help installing a new piece of software or having issues with a Windows update that won’t install? Paul Bunyan Communications will help members with issues installing drivers, or updates free of charge. We also provide priority service to members at $65/hour or $85/hour for non-members.

Startup Issues

Paul Bunyan Communications can resolve issues that are preventing Windows from launching on your personal computer. This could be caused by a faulty driver, incompatible updates, corruption in the operating system, or a hardware fault. These issues may require a reinstallation of your operating system or may be caused by a failing component. Our technicians can diagnose the cause of the startup issue and resolve it. If any parts are needed you will be provided with pricing on the parts before we order them. Labor is billed at $65/hour for members and $85/hour for non-members.

Data Recovery and Backup

Don’t have a backup in place? Paul Bunyan Communications can help. We can set up an automatic backup to an external hard drive. Just bring us your computer and an external hard drive. Don’t have one? No problem, you can purchase one here. We will set up your backup drive so you don’t have to worry about losing your treasured photos or documents if your computer goes down.

If your hard drive has failed or if you are moving to a new computer, Paul Bunyan Communications can even help you transfer your files from your old computer or hard drive to your new one.

Data recovery and backup service is $65/hour for members and $85/hour for non-members and usually runs about 30 minutes of billable time.

Accidental Damage

Accidents happen, no matter how careful we try to be with our devices. Whether you’ve dropped it, spilled a cup of coffee on it, stepped on it… Paul Bunyan Communications can help. We will diagnose what parts need to be replaced and provide you pricing on the repair.

Accidental damage repair pricing will be provided once we have looked into pricing on the parts to be ordered. Labor is billed at $65/hour for members and $85/hour for non-members.

Power Issues

Is your computer not powering on? This can be due to a faulty power cord, faulty battery, or bad motherboard. We can provide pricing on replacement modules needed after running diagnostics. Labor would be billed at $65/hour for members and $85/hour for non-members.