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video streaming

Your blazing-fast fiber GigaZone internet service has the muscle to deliver a vast array of live and on-demand streaming video. The links below will help you flex that bandwidth of yours with the best in on-line video entertainment.

New to Streaming

There are many TV streaming services, but deciding which ones are right for you can be challenging. Use the PBC MyBundleTV tool to get personalized options. Let us help you find the TV bundle that fits the unique needs of you and your family from traditional services like PBTV to streaming services.


Already Streaming

There is a world of streaming services beyond Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Discover new options at our marketplace. Browse and sign up for 130+ unique streaming services to build a TV package that fits all of your viewing needs.


Create a Streaming Profile

  • View all of your streaming subscriptions
  • Monitor streaming costs
  • View exclusive offers & deals
  • Manage your streaming queue


  how to watch

There are several ways you can watch streaming video. Many Internet-enabled devices have the ability to stream video.

smart tv
Game Systems


Many TVs sold today are ’Smart TVs’ and include streaming capabilities and apps. To add additional content, or to stream on a TV without streaming built in, you may want to pick up a separate device to allow you to stream. Examples of these devices include:

Apple TV

Amazon Fire TVAmazon Fire TV



Just plug the device into one of the HDMI ports on your TV and follow the directions to start streaming.

Whether you select a live streaming provider or one that offers on-demand content, our GigaZone fiber optic broadband provides the Internet speeds you need for the optimum viewing experience!