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 Our partner vendor VITEK (Transcendent) specializes in manufacturing all things CCTV / Surveillance including: infrared security cameras, digital video recorders for video surveillance, LCD security monitors, video signal devices, and other peripherals for the security industry.


Transcendent/VITEK’s IP Network Cameras offer unprecedented performance and value. They are simple, easy to install, attractively styled, and are all remotely viewable via CMS, Internet Explorer, and iOS & Android Apps. They are available in 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 MPXL. Indoor/Outdoor models available with IR and zoom capabilities. Analog & HD-TVI cameras also available.


Real-Time Video Recorders: Analog, Network, and Hybrid DVRs available. All record in Full HD and are available with up to 64 channels and 48TB of storage!


View your camera’s footage on-site via Wi-Fi with a Premium LED VITEK monitor or check up on your business in real-time with the Transcendent DVR Viewer app! The app is free, all you need is a Static IP address!