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How to Pay Your Paul Bunyan Communications Bill
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Legacy Residential Services & Pricing

Legacy PBTV Services & Packages Rate
PBTV HD $9.95/mo.
PBTV Whole Home DVR Service only $12.95/mo.
PBTV Whole Home DVR & HD Service $19.95/mo.
HBO – 11 Channels $19.95/mo.
HBO Max Streaming Service (HBO Max online access only. No PBTV service required) $15.00/mo.
Cinemax – 9 Channels $15.95/mo.
HBO/Cinemax – 20 Channels $29.95/mo.
Showtime – 13 Channels $15.95/mo.
Starz/Encore – 15 Channels $9.00/mo.
PBTV Sports $6.99/mo.
PBTV Extra $12.00/mo.
Music & Radio Channels** Free