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WI-FI Troubleshooting Notice

In these times of working and schooling from home, occasionally you may experience a temporary outage relating to your internet or WiFi.

The first and easiest step in self troubleshooting is to turn off the power to your router, either by using a physical power button on the back of the unit, or just unplugging the power cord (usually black in color with a round plug end on it) from the back of the router. Leave this unplugged for 60 seconds and then plug it back in or turn it back on with the power switch. Do not unplug or move any of the other data cables connected to the routers or modems.


It will take approximately six or seven minutes for the router to load and start working again.

If you read online, many internet self help sites may suggest pushing the recessed “Reset” button on the back of the router.

Paul Bunyan Communication’s equipment has some very specific setup programming and configuration done when the routers are installed. Pushing the Reset button will Factory Reset the router and it will wipe out all settings and programming, making it as though it was factory fresh and having never been used. This will then require a complete reinstall by one of our technicians. If you factory reset the router it cannot be reprogrammed remotely by our Internet Support Technicians and WILL need to be replaced.

BEC Modem

Front of a BEC Modem
Back of a BEC Modem

844E Router

Front of a 844E Router
Front of a 44E Router

844G/GE Router

Front of a 844G/GE Router
Back of a 844G/GE Router

Gigaspire 2020E

Front of a Gigaspire 2020E
Back of a Gigaspire 2020E

Gigaspire 4220

Front of a Gigaspire 4220
Back of a Gigaspire 4220

Gigaspire Blast 2880

Front of a Gigaspire Blast 2880
Back of a Gigaspire Blast 2880

GP1101X Modem

Front of a GP1101X Modem
Back of a GP1101X Modem

803G Modem

Front of a 803G Modem
Back of a 803G Modem

ZyXel Modem

Front of a ZyXel Modem
Back of a ZyXel Modem

836 Modem

Front of a 836 Modem
Back of a 836 Modem

716GE Modem

Front of a 716GE Modem
Back of a 716GE Modem

Always feel free to call our support staff if you’re experiencing issues, or have any questions regarding your internet service.

We’re here to help you.