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How to Pay Your Paul Bunyan Communications Bill
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  • $2.25/mo.
Three Way Calling allows you to add a third party to a call you have already made. If one of the two parties you called hangs up, you will still remain connected to the other.

To Use Three Way Calling

  • Depress and release the hook switch or press FLASH to put the party on hold.
  • Listen for three bursts of dial tone followed by a steady dial tone.
  • Dial the number of the second party. You can talk to this party privately until you reconnect with the party on hold. If the second party you called does not answer or you get a busy signal, depress and release the hook switch or press FLASH to go back to the party on hold.
  • To connect with both parties, depress and release the hook switch. When you hang up, all parties are disconnected.
NOTE: If dialing long distance numbers, you will pay long distance rates for both calls.
Extra service charges may apply if added after initial hook-up.