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How to Pay Your Paul Bunyan Communications Bill
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  • $2.25/mo.
Priority Ringing allows you to hear a special ringing pattern when you receive calls from a specified list of telephone numbers. For all other calls, your telephone will ring normally. This feature can work in conjunction with Call Waiting.

To Use Priority Ringing

  • Press * 6 1 .
  • Voice instructions will guide you through the steps of how to turn Priority Ringing on or off, or make changes to your Priority Ringing list.
  • 0 to repeat the instructions
  • 1 to review the numbers on your list
  • 3 to turn Priority Ringing on or off
  • # to add a number to your list
  • * to delete a number from your list
  • 0 8 to delete all numbers from your list
Extra service charges may apply if added after initial hook-up.