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How to Pay Your Paul Bunyan Communications Bill
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  • $2.25/mo.
Last Call Return puts an end to the annoyance of missed calls by allowing you to automatically dial the last party who tried to reach you.

To Use Last Call Return

  • Press * 6 9.
  • Listen for an announcement telling you the phone number of the last caller.
  • If you wish to return the call, press 1.
  • If you do not wish to return the call, hang up the phone.
  • If the line is busy, listen for the announcement telling you the number is busy; hang up the phone; listen for a short-short-long ring telling you the line is free. The call will automatically be made when you lift the handset.

To Cancel Last Call Return

  • Press * 8 9.
Extra service charges may apply if added after initial hook-up.