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No More Trips to the Movie Store. No More Late Fees.

  • There is no monthly fee to receive PBTV On Demand. Only pay for the content that you order.
  • Thousands of hours of On Demand content including 3D movies, HD movies, free content, and more.
  • You are in complete control, watch what you what when you want, pause/fast-forward/rewind, and most rentals are good for 24 hours or more.

See what’s playing now:

  1. Hit MENU on your remote.
  2. Select PBTV ON DEMAND.
  3. Browse through the library
    to find your selection.

Enjoy Great Free Content with PBTV On Demand

*PBTV On Demand is not available in all areas. Service availability depends upon location, some restrictions may apply. Please call for details.