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No More Trips to the Movie Store. No More Late Fees.

  • There is no monthly fee to receive PBTV On Demand. Only pay for the content that you order.
  • Thousands of hours of On Demand content including 3D movies, HD movies, free content, and more.
  • You are in complete control, watch what you what when you want, pause/fast-forward/rewind, and most rentals are good for 24 hours or more.


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PBTV On Demand Online Guide

  1. Hit MENU on your remote.
  2. Select PBTV ON DEMAND.
  3. Browse through the library
    to find your selection.

Enjoy Great Free Content with PBTV On Demand

*PBTV On Demand is not available in all areas. Service availability depends upon location, some restrictions may apply. Please call for details.