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Phishing Scams

What is a Phishing Scam?

A phishing scam is a social engineering scam where the criminal sends an e-mail to someone pretending to be from a trusted company and is seeking personal information (i.e. usernames, password, credit card numbers).
These fraudulent phishing e-mails attempt to make the receiver believe it is from a trusted source by placing a business name in the from section of the e-mail and crafting the message to indicate that personal or financial account information is required for what may seem a legitimate reason.
In some scams they will ask for the information directly. In other scams they ask the person to update their personal information by either replying to the e-mail or by clicking a link that the criminal has made to appear to look like the trusted company’s website.

Phishing Scams that fake a Paul Bunyan Communications email

As the public becomes better at spotting a scam, the criminals are becoming more sophisticated.
In recent email scams, the criminal sets up the e-mail to appear to be from representatives of Paul Bunyan Communications asking for personal or financial information due to upgrades and/or maintenance.
Paul Bunyan Communications does NOT contact customers via e-mail or telephone seeking personal account or financial information.
Consumers are advised to NEVER reply to unsolicited e-mail correspondence seeking personal or financial information from Paul Bunyan Communications. If you have any questions, please contact technical support.

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