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Paul Bunyan Communications (PBC) offers a variety of broadband connections speeds, but does not guarantee these speeds as there are many factors that affect internet performance that are beyond our control.

PBC does not provide preference to any particular type of application/internet traffic as it is travels within our network. PBC may use queueing or other methodologies to control traffic flows if needed.

Customers that utilize our “basic firewall” service will find that most unsolicited IPv4 incoming traffic to their location and various ports and applications may be blocked as part of the basic firewall service. This optional service can be removed by calling our office during business hours. Our GigaZone service requires the purchase of a globally routable IP address ($10/month) to remove the basic firewall. For our other internet services, there is no charge to remove or add the service (provided that it isn’t added/removed more than once per month).

To help reduce spam e-mail, we limit SMTP traffic to only our mail servers for most customers. This limitation usually does not apply to customers who have a globally routable address. As a workaround, many e-mail services support port 587 which can be used to send authenticated e-mail. We typically do not block port 587.

At any time, we may block traffic to/from specific IP addresses and/or ports based upon security or acceptable use concerns.

Paul Bunyan Communications has been an innovator in the deployment of rural broadband internet services. We utilize a variety of technologies to deliver broadband service to our members. The capabilities of these techniques vary widely and can have a significant impact on the actual service speed experienced. For example, some types of DSL technology provide significantly more bandwidth for downstream traffic than upstream. DSL service performance may vary significantly based upon the length and technical characteristics of the line used to deliver your services. For information about the technology deployed at your specific location, feel free to contact us via the contact form at

Other services that utilize our connection to you (i.e. PBTV, offsite backup, etc) may have an impact on the available bandwidth on the “last mile” connection to you.

Our broadband prices are available at

In some cases, we may use various application agnostic techniques to provide additional bandwidth than a customer has purchased (at no extra charge). For example, we might provide additional bandwidth during off peak hours, when traffic originates or terminates via a low cost connection (i.e. public/private peering, on-net, etc).