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District 3, District 7 and District 9 Board of Director Elections

As a cooperative, Paul Bunyan Communications is governed by a seven-person member-elected Board of Directors.  In 2022, there are Board of Directors positions up for election representing Districts 3, 7, and 9.

Article III, Section 3 of your Cooperative’s Bylaws requires any member interested in serving as a Director to submit a candidate packet to the Cooperative headquarters at least 25 business days prior to the Caucus Election date.  This enables the Cooperative to properly verify the eligibility of all candidates to serve as a member of the Board if elected.  Members interested can find the candidate application packet and related information online at https://paulbunyan.net/cooperative/documents/

The deadlines for completed Director-candidate packets to be returned to the Cooperative are:

District 7 deadline is February 17

District 9 deadline is February 22

District 3 deadline is February 24

If there are less than two pre-qualified candidates seeking election/re-election to the Board of Directors from the same district (an uncontested district election), no in-person Caucus and Caucus Election for that district will be held.

If there are two or more pre-qualified candidates seeking election from the same district, the in-person Caucus will be held and all members residing within the district will be notified by mail of the caucus date, time, and location.  The purpose of the in-person Caucus is to select two pre-qualified candidates to seek election/re-election to be the district’s representative on the Paul Bunyan Communications Board of Directors. Directors serve a five-year term through 2027, however in the case of District 3, the election will fill the remaining four years of the existing term ending in 2026.

The current director for District 7 is Board Secretary Bruce Campbell and he has expressed his intent to seek re-election.

The current director for District 9 is Board Treasurer Tim Hins and he has expressed his intent to seek re-election.

The current director for District 3 is Tracy Mistic-Schaar and she has expressed her intent to seek re-election.

Based on the results of any contested Caucus Election, the names of two candidates are listed on the ballot to be voted on by the general membership of the Cooperative.  Votes are tallied at the Annual Meeting, scheduled for May 25, 2022.  The candidate from each respective district with the greatest number of votes from the general membership is elected/re-elected as the Director for such district.