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2022 Paul Bunyan Communications Pick It March Mania Winners

Paul Bunyan Communications is excited to announce the winners of the 6th Pick-it March Mania Challenge.  440 participants entered the free online contest to pick the winners of the college basketball tournament games for a chance to win a credit on a Paul Bunyan Communications account.

The top 10 finishers all won a credit on their Paul Bunyan Communications account.

1st Place-          Ashley Hirt, Bemidji                         $500 credit

2nd Place-        Rory Sisco, Grand Rapids                $250 credit

3rd Place-         Susan Tesch, Bemidji                       $100 credit

4th Place-         Michelle Bercier, Blackduck            $50 credit

5th Place-         Linda Myers, Tenstrike                     $50 credit

6th Place-         Todd Larson, Bemidji                       $50 credit

7th Place-         Rachelle Peterson                              $50 credit

8th Place-         Zach Thoma, Bemidji                        $50 credit

9th Place-         Dave Hiscock, Turtle River               $50 credit

10th Place-       Tom Gustafson, Grand Rapids        $50 credit

Random Prize Drawing:    Barb Jaggard, Cass Lake   (323rd place)   $100 Credit